Alena Akhmadullina Fall-Winter 2018/19 presentation in Moscow

On April 10th the presentation of Alena Akhmadullina Fall-Winter 2018/19 collection took place at Giraut Gallery in Moscow.

The collection shows Snow Queen fairytale through a prism of ‘80s styles.

An integral part of Alena Akhmadullina’s creations is a fur line with pieces made in a variety of complex craft techniques. The showing demonstrated the brand’s cooperation with Saga Furs, which provided Saga Ò Fox for the collection.

The show highlighted breathtaking fur creations in a setting that featured the fantastic ice heroine surrounded by magical animals - northern owls and deer that appear in traditional prints and deftly constructed fur detailing.

The Alena Akhmadullina brand shares Saga Furs values contained in a responsible supply chain guided by ethical practices.

“Both brands share the principles of, not only beauty and quality, but also sustainability,” notes Larionov. “Alena Akhmadullina chose Saga Furs as a reliable partner due to its reputation for transparency in all activities and the possibility of tracing the fur through all stages of the supply chain.”


Мария и Елена Титовы
Маруся Зыкова
Полина Аскери
Маргарита Мамун
Мария Ивакова
Марина Озкан
Инна Маликова
Ингрид Олеринская
Анастасия Меськова
Сати Казанова и Стефано Тиоццо
Алена Ахмадуллина